About JM+A
JM+A brings over 40 years of experience in planning, architectural design, policy making, and project implementation to the complicated world of affordable housing financing and mixed use development.
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About JM+A


As an experienced and successful real estate developer in the Metro Denver Colorado market, our company conceives, designs and implements major land developments and residential facilities for clients. In addition, we are a partner of Dillon Place LLC, an ownership and developer entity.

development consulting services

for profit and non-profit sponsors of workforce, special needs and market rate housing, senior, mixed income, and for larger mixed use real estate projects.

JM+A brings over 40 years of experience in planning, architectural design, policy making, and project implementation to the complicated world of affordable housing financing and mixed use development. We recognize the need for a diverse array of services, ranging from an initial needs and feasibility assessment, to planning, financing, design and construction oversight.  Clients include major national non-profits as well as several for-profit development organizations, with whom we have managed over $250 million of residential projects throughout the region.   JM+A is a certified MBE-DBE and has worked extensively in diverse communities in Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Michigan and North Carolina.

Our goal is to create quality living environments to suit the client’s needs and the needs of the broader community.

We are consultants, implementers, project representatives, developers, and technical advisors.   JM+A has represented several major national affordable housing developers, providing “turnkey” development services to local and national sponsors.   Please take the time to explore this website and review the range of services available through JM+A.

JM+A Culture

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

The Arkansas Experience

After college, JM enlisted in the Domestic Peace Corps and was stationed in Arkansas as the Director of a Community Design Cooperative. Projects included small parks, low income housing and community facilities buildings in the mostly rural, Mississippi Delta regions. The non-profit center provided much needed technical and organizational assistance to extremely impoverished communities.

Following this 2 year service, JM established a private design build practice specializing in affordable, sustainable and solar powered residences and buildings. Cutting edge experimental design was encouraged in the minimally regulated state of Arkansas. In 1985, PBS featured the award winning design work by JM in a TV series called Home Seasoning, that followed the construction process of his residential projects with a step by step educational narrative.

In the late 1980’s, JM was appointed a Zoning Administrator for the State under then Governor Bill Clinton. When elected President, Mr. Clinton assigned JM to two Transition Advisory Committees, one on Housing Policy and one on Design.

For his last four years in Little Rock, JM was a Regional V.P. for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a spin off from the Ford Foundation and based out of New York. LISC provides resources and T.A. to non-profit developing housing. Numerous residential and community projects were developed during his term.


As an avocation, JM has been a professional musician for over 50 years.

He has performed and recorded throughout his career as a means of artistic expression and to counter balance the challenges of the high stakes development world.  As a guitarist, bassist and singer songwriter, he performs with several local and international accompanists, most recently in Asia and Europe.

The Arts

For several years, JM+A, inc. was housed in the Skylite Station Event Gallery in the dynamic Santa Fe Arts District of Denver. JM owned and operated the art and music venue which also hosted a variety of public and community events including numerous political fundraisers, industry meetings and corporate mixers. Skylite was well know as a prime activity center in the district and supported many upcoming artists and musicians. JM+A development activity became associated with the arts in the most physical sense.


Currently, JM has a pending Patent for a residential drone receptor and associated digital guidance technologies for remote package deliveries.

JM is also working on two other innovative products not yet disclosed.